Windhaven House Staff

Alison Watros - Founder & Director

Alison Watros – Founder & Director

Alison is the founder and CEO of Windhaven House, and Co- Founder of Windhaven Counseling Center. She oversees daily operations, markets the program, and builds and maintains relationships with substance abuse providers. She has a passion for helping women sustain long term recovery from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Alison has presented on topics of substance abuse prevention and treatment, social norms, drug endangered children, drug trends, and recovery to thousands both nationally and locally.

Nikki Mullowney - Program Manager - Windhaven House - Sober Living For Women in Dallas - Extended Care Services for Women in Dallas, Texas

Nikki Mullowney- Program Manager

My name is Nikki Mullowney and I’m a recovered addict. My sobriety date is August 5, 2016. I worked at a dual diagnosis gender specific treatment center for women for about 2 1/2 years. My passion is helping women recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. I am a firm believer that the combination of the 12 steps, and clinical attention is essential for long term sobriety and a better quality of life. As someone who has had to utilize all of these resources to get sober, stay sober, and find joy in life, I feel confident in my abilities to guide women in early sobriety through the same process.

Sarah Jones - Program Director - Windhaven House - Sober Living For Women in Dallas - Extended Care Services for Women in Dallas, Texas

Sarah Jones- Program Director

I am Sarah Jones and I am a recovered addict and alcoholic. As a Windhaven Alumni, I know first-hand that our program works. Windhaven taught me the life skills and recovery tools necessary for long-term sobriety. More importantly, they helped guide me towards a relationship with God that allows me to live a happy, joyous, and purposeful life. Reflecting on the work God had done in my life while at Windhaven, I became passionate about being a part of that process for other women struggling with addiction. I first joined the Windhaven team as a house manager in 2016 and am currently working as a Recovery Advocate. In addition to my work at Windhaven, I am also a full-time student pursuing a license in chemical dependency counseling.

Colleen Quinn- House Manager