Recovery Support

Much of the interaction at Windhaven House occurs in the context of daily living activities and with others in the community.  Types of recovery support include:

 freedomIndividual Mentoring  Each resident recieves individual mentoring through our on staff recovery support advocates. These mentoring sessions focus on education of the disease concept of addiction and learning to enjoy living in sobriety. In addition, mentoring  also focuses on teaching the resident independent living skills, such as budgeting, money management and personal accountability.

Community/House Meetings – Residents are required to attend two house meetings per week as a member of the Windhaven House community. These recovery support meetings emphasize accountability, responsibility, and education. The recovery advocates aid the residents in learning how to communicate to one another in healthy ways and express their feelings.  Through these meetings resdients are visibly confronted with the truth that their actions often affect the whole community .

Independent Living Skills – Budgeting and money management, daily chores and room cleaning, personal hygiene, and time management are just a few of the many independent living skills residents at the Windhaven House will pick up.  Our desire is that each resident is given all the recovery support tools necessary  to live in the world as productive members of society.

Securing Employment – Residents at the Windhaven House must have a job, and work at least 25 hours per week.  Dallas has a healthy economy, and residents generally have no problem finding a job within the first few weeks.  As part of our program, each resident must pay at least 30% of her earned wages toward the cost of her stay at Windhaven House.

Educational Opportunities – Many of the young women at the house have a desire to procure a G.E.D., high school diploma, or begin taking college courses.  Resources for all of these are available. Dallas County Community College has a campus close to the Windhaven House, and is an extremely reputable community college.  Southern Methodist University, University of Texas at Dallas, and University of Dallas are other options for continuing education.

12 Step Women’s Meeting – Every Wednesday night a women’s step application meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is held at Windhaven House.