Transitional Sober Living for Women in Dallas at Windhaven House

Flying ButterflyOur greatest hope is to see young women’s lives change and to watch them grow in all areas of life. Windhaven House is a transitional sober living program where women are given the opportunity to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. The addiction recovery process requires a strong and honest commitment to effect real change. Our Women’s Sober Living Program provides the perfect bridge from treatment back to “real life.”

The staff at Windhaven House are dedicated to this vision for each individual woman by affording her a nurturing and compassionate transitional sober living community based on honesty, accountability, responsibility, and the principles of the 12 steps. Our team is focused on helping young women build a foundation of sobriety, have a sense of community, teach life skills, to help nurture growth and development in addiction recovery and to ultimately become the  women that they were created to be.

Windhaven House Mission

To provide a safe, sober, structured transitional sober living community for young women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Program Tenets

Because each resident is different, we tailor our program to address individual needs based upon our core beliefs of:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Each resident is held accountable for her actions
  • RESPONSIBILITY – Each resident learns to take responsibility for herself as part of the transition from treatment to sober living
  • COMMUNITY – Each resident learns to have positive, healthy and rewarding relationships with others

Jumping Girls - Widhaven House Transitional Sober Living

  • Testimonials

    Windhaven changed my life. To me, The Windhaven House was more than just another sober living. Along with a strong recovery foundation and twelve step program, it was a place I could call home. With the help and care from the amazing staff and strong community of women, I learned how to live life on a spiritual basis. I am truly joyous and free today, and have a life I would have never dreamed imaginable. I am so blessed to have Windhaven as part of my journey, for I have gained a strong faith in God, life long friends, and true happiness in sobriety in a way I never thought possible.

    Lauren A